A LinkedIn profile is critical for professionals hoping to present themselves in the most professional manner possible. LinkedIn is a unique social media platform in the sense the online platform creates a combination resume/professional profile. A lot of information can be drawn from a LinkedIn page and, if the information impresses, the profile could help a career in a number of ways.

All this assumes the LinkedIn profile is expertly composed. Sad to say, a number of LinkedIn profiles come off a bit flat. Improving the profile needs to be a major priority. Here are five very good tips to follow in that regard:

Update the Content

Creating a LinkedIn profile is not the same things as writing and publishing a novel. Once a book hits the shelves, it is done. A LinkedIn profile needs to be a constant work in progress. Updating information is critical in order for the profile to deliver the desired impact. New and exciting things happen in a person’s career all the time. Such things should be reflected on the LinkedIn profile. If the material is not there, no one is going to know about it.

Publish a Professional Photo

Standard, generic headshots are okay. Is “okay” what you want to go for on a LinkedIn page? Visiting a professional photography studio and getting a properly composed picture captured under proper lighting is going to look great.

Craft a Fantastic Headline

A headline to a LinkedIn profile is very much like the headline on a newspaper. The headline captures attention and summarizes what is on the page. A good headline can absolutely make a LinkedIn professional seem captivating and intriguing. Come up with a few ideas for a solid headline and seek opinions on advice as to which one to choose and/or how to improve upon the headline with the most potential.

Highlight Educational Background

Simply listing a college attended and a degree received tells very little. Note a few accomplishments attained while in school. Even if the accolades occurred years ago, they still occurred. Why not list them? All facets of educational experience are important and should not be omitted.

Enhance the SEO Potential

A LinkedIn profile, like anything else published on the internet, needs to be easily scanned and indexed by the search engines. Auditing the SEO positives and negatives of the site is recommended. Making any appropriate adjustments is even more recommended.

Of course, there are other ways to improve a LinkedIn profile. Any and all ways should be explored immediately — and instituted just as quick.

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