Contingency Search

In many cases, the clients with which we work desire a risk-free relationship. With the K-12 contingency type recruitment, no fees are due until you hire our candidate. If you prefer a risk-free search relationship and your search does not involve confidentiality, sensitivity, a high degree of complexity, or the exclusive focus of a search firm, the contingency fee structure may be your preference.

While there are obvious advantages and disadvantages to the K-12 recruitment contingency fee approach, it is the best option for you if you do not require or expect a single search firm to land the results that you need for your school or school district.

The K-12 contingency search is especially suited for filling positions or roles having a base salary of less than $80,000. Contingency search provides you with a flexible, low risk/low commitment approach to utilizing our K-12 recruitment agency as your recruiting partner. As your contingent search partner, we are certainly committed to providing you with exceptional service and successfully completing the recruiting assignment.


Administrative Positions: The client agrees to pay the total invoice upon placement of our K-12 recruitment candidate. The service charge is 30% – 35% of the K-12 candidate’s first year’s compensation.

Non-Administrative Positions:  Special Education Teacher, SLP, Intervention Specialist, ESL, OT, PT, School Nurse, School Psychologist, Math Teacher, Science Teacher type positions clients agree to pay the total invoice upon placement of our candidate. The service charge is 20% – 25% of the K-12 candidate’s first year’s compensation.

Other Expenses
We do pass on “at cost” the following expenses: Candidate’s travel to interview at a client, the client requested job advertising, background check, degree verification, drug tests, etc.