Exclusive Contingency

Exclusive K-12 contingency recruiting search is a logical and attractive combination of both contingency and retained fee structures. This is among the best type of working relationships. This type of K-12 recruitment is strongly recommended when you prefer a contractually committed and fully engaged search relationship, but you do not want to commit to a fully retained search fee structure.

Fees Involved in the K-12 Contingency Search

In the K-12 Contingency search, the client pays an engagement fee of $5,000 prior to the start of a search. The balance of the fee becomes due after the candidate begins employment. The service charge is 28%  – 30% of the candidate’s first year’s compensation.

Other Expenses

We do pass on “at cost”  client approved expenses: These are inclusive of the K-12 candidate’s travel to interview at the client, client requested job advertising, background check, degree verification, drug tests, etc.

We do not charge “administrative fees” to cover phone charges, printing, typing, copying, faxing, etc in our K-12 searches. We view these as normal and customary parts of the service we provide.

If you believe that the K-12 recruitment contingency search is the right path for you and your organization, call our main office today at 720-446-5700 to find out how we can help you.