The impact of social media has grown exponentially with the development of mobile technology. Based on statistics, there is a projected 2.77 billion social media users in 2019, a spike from 2.46 billion back in 2017. Aside from connecting with contacts and receiving your dose of the latest news, social media could be a hotbed for career advancement.

Influencer Outreach
A new breed of individuals, known collectively as influencers, are bursting into the scene in the age of the internet. By connecting with the online personalities within your industrial field, you could open doors to greater opportunities and possible collaborations.
Following industrial influencers on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter may offer valuable tips and advice that could help elevate your career. Sharing the newly acquired information with those around could also improve your reputation at the workplace by becoming a thought leader.
Linking with Companies
With platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook Groups, building business contacts has been made easier through social media. Start conversations and form ties with people in the related network to understand the organizational structures that may help you plan your career.
Build your Social Media Profile
Leverage on social media platforms for professional branding. Many employers are looking for people with digital proficiencies. It might be advantageous for users to focus on competencies in technological trends. By creating a compelling profile, you are essentially advertising your skillsets and informing companies on ways you can contribute to their cause.
Engage in Meaningful Dialogues
Thousands of online discussions go about daily, it is important to locate the latest scoop, trends and updates circulating within your industry and participate in those talks with people from the ground. Deal with ongoing issues and make suggestions, forge a strong online presence.
Produce Content
Finally, to gain professional recognition online, it is best to post content regarding the things you have learnt from others or based on personal experiences. When more people benefit from your output, there is a higher chance of gaining the attention of larger organizations.


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