Have you thought, why use a recruitment agency to fill empty positions in your school? There are several answers to define the benefits of having someone else look for active or passive individuals that fit your School’s culture, mission, and strategic outcomes.

Few small schools have dedicated HR personnel with the time to search through applications; contact prospects, and arranges interviews while performing all the other responsibilities of a human resource department. More prospects are seeking employment through recruitment agencies instead of completing and emailing applications to an overflowing inbox or applicant tracking system. A professional go-between provides guidance to both parties and seeks the optimum result for the institution and the candidate.

Contingency recruitment is very competitive because the only recruiter who is paid is the one who presents the hired candidate. The result is a mass-marketing campaign where a variety of agencies refer possibilities that may fit one or more of school openings. As the employer, you can decide which of the referrals you want to interview. You only pay a fee if you hire a referral.

Retained recruitment presents a different view of searching for candidates. The school’s search committee works exclusively with one recruiting firm to obtain eligible referrals. Positions are usually associated with upper echelon positions like Principal and Dean of Students who already possess meticulous skills and training. The negotiable fee averages a third to fifty percent of the candidate’s annual salary and is typically bound with an upfront payment followed by the balance when a referral is hired.

A retained search is worthwhile for any position requiring a motivated, long-term employee. The guaranteed payment to a recruiter is a tool that inspires a significant effort to find top-notch referrals. The retained recruiter has an exclusive opportunity to find the person who fits your niche role.
Contingency searches refer possibilities quickly, although there’s seldom much time put into researching qualifications and interest. Because the service is free until you hire one of the contingency referrals, it’s cost-effective to refer many potential hires and leave the background search to you or your representatives.

Retained searches take longer because only the most qualified Educator & Administrators are contacted. The recruiter delves into their background and typically creates thorough dossiers on up to five top selections. You receive the files to review before scheduling interviews with one or all the candidates. Advantages are less work for the school and the presentation of qualified, better candidates.
Working with a retained agency delivers benefits like the ability to show academic leadership and board members the status of the hiring search. It takes time to find the right Academic Administrator candidate. Ease their concerns with an up-to-date description of the recruiter’s progress and a confirmation of the qualities being sought.

Article provided by, K-12 Recruitment Group – a recruiting firm focused exclusively on filling K-12 leadership positions throughout the USA

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