Getting into colleges these days has become hard, and it is only to get harder with time as the numbers of students graduating out of high school keep rising. For the individual student, the quest to get admitted to the best colleges of their choice has almost become a rat race.

A student’s admission into a college is often at the discretion of the admissions officers. The perception most have about these officers is that they out to look for reasons why not to admit students. While in reality, their mission is to look for the most qualified students for their institution of learning.

So one can be forgiven for thinking that presenting yourself before the admission officers with a high school diploma obtained online, your candidacy will be quickly dismissed. Such thoughts are somewhat justified given the fact that a good number of people think online schooling is not as rigorous and meticulous as attending schooling in person.

The tradition of schooling since recorded history has been the student and the teacher being physically in close proximity. The ability to take learning online is a very recent technological development. One that has yet to become a mainstream form of learning.

Will Colleges Accept My Online High School Diploma?

There are a number of reasons why many would opt for obtaining their high school diplomas online. As opposed to attending high schools physically. That includes reasons such as:

  • An adult who for one reason or the other was not able to attend or finish their high school learning. As an adult, it may not be ideal to attend high school physically as the age difference and possibly bodily growth and maturity level difference between you and your peers may bring up some awkwardness.
  • You may be a parent who prefers to homeschool your children and an online high school diploma may be one of the examination routes to take.

Skepticism on whether or not colleges will accept online high school students is valid. There are indeed a number of occasions online students found themselves denied admission. However, the reason behind it is not purely based on the fact that their high school diploma was obtained online

Rather it was on how and from where the online high school was obtained. Any college will admit a student with an online high school diploma that meets their requirements for as long as admission slots are still available.

However, the online high school must be accredited, either regionally or nationally. Although the online high schools with regional accreditation take precedence over nationally accredited ones. So if you have been eyeing an admission at a certain local college, be sure to check out their list of locally accredited online high schools before enrolling in one.

Without regional accreditation, some colleges may not approve your diploma and perceive it as being illegitimate. Others may require you to take additional courses, approved by them, so you can prove you are qualified when you pass the standardized tests.


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