Hiring the right candidate for your faculty, staff or administrative vacancy is nothing short of critical. Choosing the right person involves a very complicated search for that perfect combination. You’re looking for good qualifications, soft skills, and experiences that the students can relate to and which skills will give them the best chance of learning more readily.

Add to those complexities are policy issues as well as legalities that must be applied to every search.

Your institution must also ensure that the person that you hire fits the culture and the mission of the organization.

According to Brian Trunt, a director at Winston-Baylor Consulting, “If you hire someone and you do everything exactly the way you’re supposed to and legally are in a good position, but the person is not a fit for the institution I think you’ve sort of lost the battle.”

There are several steps that should be taken when hiring school faculty, staff or administration.

These include:

Brainstorming the position to ensure that you know every detail of what the position is and what it requires. Consider the traits that you believe are a necessity for the person who will undertake this job and then write the job description accordingly.

Get the requirements in line with what HR will and can permit.  Are there some job duties that you cannot require or some tiebreakers that you can require? Do some things that the job actually needs (i.e. young and perky or mature and experienced) that you are not permitted to require or ask of the candidates.

Put together an interview team who will be responsible for interviewing on the phone, decide who will go over and verify the paperwork and determine who will be responsible for any in-person interviews. Lay out a set of questions that are carefully worded so that they fall within the law but also will give you the best that you can get so far as a good fit culturally as well as job wise.

Hiring the right candidate is both an art and a science. Making sure that your team approaches it from both vantage points is imperative to getting the right hire.


Article provided by, K-12 Recruitment Group – a recruiting firm focused exclusively on filling K-12 administrative leadership positions throughout the USA

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