Over a little less than the past decade, education has been going more and more online. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe in early 2020, online schooling was the only option left for all the schools. At least for as long as the coronavirus threat remained alive.

If you are a parent with school-going children, then you know first-hand, how much learning kids are missing with the current calls for stay at home and school closure. No doubt these COVID-19 containment measures will have repercussions not just economically but also on the school calendars across all states.

K12 Online Schooling to the Rescue

There is no doubt the current COVID-19 pandemic will leave a mark across all economies around the world. However, there are a number of measures you can take to ensure that when things go back to normal, post-coronavirus, your kids will still be able to catch up on their learning.

One of them is homeschooling, but since you may not be a teacher, you will definitely need some educational material to get you moving in the right direction. Luckily, there is a plethora of educational materials relevant to the current curriculum across American schools available online.

K12 Online School is one such platform that conveniently provides these materials online. You can use these materials to homeschool your kids even after the coronavirus pandemic is over. Just to give your kids extra help in addition to what they will be getting at school when things normalize.

K12 Online School Cost

K12 Online School has all the educational materials you will need for your kids to get the American-standard education while homeschooling. Although, for the period running through to June 30, 2020, K12 Online School will be offering the Stride option free for single and family plans.

Although ordinarily, the K12 Online School cost varies depending on its various options. For instance, the online public schools option is tuition-free across most of the states. They also offer a number of private schools options, with each option having a different price. You also have the option of purchasing K12 School courses directly for independent use for homeschooling or as supplementary for your school going kids.

Independent Study Courses Pricing

If you want to take an independent study course package. K12 Online School offers you the option of paying for the courses in a one-time full price at a much greater discount, or you can make low monthly payments for parts of the courses you need.

They also offer volume discounts. That is when you buy two or more courses at the same time. Additionally, there is also a 10% discount if you have two or more siblings enrolled in the program at the same time. For the actual figures, check the table below:

Upfront Payment 12-Month Plan Monthly subscription
A one-off $260 A monthly $24 Monthly $30 payment


Savings with Bundle Purchases

When you buy two or more courses at the same time, you get the following savings:

  • Two courses – 5%
  • Three courses – 10%
  • Four courses – 15%
  • Five courses – 20%
  • Six courses – 25%

Teacher-led Courses

If you want a state-approved and accredited teacher to virtually tutor your kids. Then the following are the pricing K12 Online School has to offer.

Full-Year Course:

$900 $950
All courses AP® courses and Foreign Language courses


Semester Course:

$450 $475
High School courses AP® courses and Foreign Language Courses


PS – There is a sibling discount of 10% for families who enroll more than two kids into the program at the same time. Additionally, some courses may make it necessary to purchase additional materials at an additional fee not included above.



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