If you run an ivy league level school district in a large metropolitan area, chances are you are not struggling with recruitment or retention of faculty. Affluent neighborhoods, well-rounded curriculum, and the latest technology make teaching in these areas much easier. However, if you have a school that has a broader mix of both socioeconomic and academic achievement, recruitment and retention of faculty is very high on your to do list. Perhaps part of the problem is in your approach, rather than trying to recruit the teacher, sell the experience and the surroundings.

Appeal to Emotion

Why do teachers become teachers? Do they feel they are so smart they must share this knowledge or their head will explode? Probably not! Ask any first-year teacher or soon to be graduate why they chose their profession and you will likely hear about how they want to touch the lives of the children they teach and make a real difference in their futures. When you do not have all the bells and whistles of more affluent areas, bring it back to the reason they wanted to teach in the first place, students.

Sell Your City, Town or Countryside

What is your area known for? Do you have the sweetest watermelon in the country? Perhaps you have some of the best fishing in the tri-state region or lakes for camping and swimming. Whatever it is people love about your area, put it out there as a plus side when you are advertising for teachers.

Follow Up

When you have secured new teachers, do not leave them to their own devices. Find ways to make them feel welcome, included and appreciated. Teaching is a difficult position, particularly in the less affluent areas of the country. Students have a broader range of abilities, small towns tend to be clique driven and respect is difficult to obtain across the board. Team your new faculty members with seasoned teachers, and take a little extra time to ensure they are settling into what is a different way of life for many people.


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