According to educational directors, there is a solid belief that using social media within the education system to help students and teachers alike is a very useful tactic.

When it comes to really reaching your students and your teachers, embracing social media as a tool can be very helpful. Not only can you engage your students in discussions on your subject, you can keep a close eye on how your students interact with each other. You may believe that embracing social media isn’t the best way to get your student’s attention, but if you haven’t noticed, most teens have a cell phone in hand most of the time. If you aren’t reaching them in the classroom setting the way that you would like, adding them to Facebook or Twitter may just be the right move. Nearly all of the teachers that have started to use Twitter to discuss school subjects have seen a marked increase in grades. It has been noted that students are more comfortable responding to a social media post than they are at engaging in the topic within the classroom.

There has also been a very real decrease in bullying within those districts that truly pay attention to what their students are writing within social media. If a student is being bullied then it’s easier for the bully to be confronted sooner instead of the bullying escalating and progressing further. Hosting events through these avenues is also a great idea. One such idea that has been used is hosting an event where law enforcement and citizens joined together to discuss their communities and the effects of bullying and cyber bullying.

In an attempt to gain and keep the attention or not just the students but also the parents and the community as well, many teachers and principals post positive school stories and accomplishments of students and staff. This ensures the involvement and participation of the entire district and community. Think of it as an ongoing pep rally online. It should be noted that all activity from teachers and staff on social media are school accounts and not personal or private ones.

The idea of embracing social media shouldn’t be a foreign concept to educators. The very fact that social media is a more used function on a cell phone than the use of talking on one is very telling. If you truly desire to reach your students and catch their attention; this idea is well worth looking into. Like it or not, social media has our students attention and focus. If you want to have part of their focus then place yourself within their line of sight. There is always the desire to bring your community and your district together for the betterment of the students and their educational needs. Employing this tactic may be exactly what your district has been looking for.


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