With the progression of technology, more of a teacher’s classroom records and work is done on the computer. As more software for classrooms became available, teachers readily made use of it. They now often use programs for learning management systems, grade-books and student assessment. As useful as these programs are, they all have one drawback. They are not integrated with each other. Each one has to have student data entered and that data is not shared with other programs.

Entering data in several software programs is time-consuming. It goes beyond just entering student information and grades. When a program, such as a student assessment software, needs to have information in it put into the grade-book software, it must be done manually. When lessons are on the computer and students need to access those lessons, time can be wasted, especially if students need to log into more than one program for a lesson. Time can be eaten up in resolving issues such as forgotten passwords and resetting login details.

The classroom is about to be revolutionized by PowerSchool. This company has developed a solution that allows teachers and students better access to the information they need in class every day. The platform, called The Unified Classroom, integrates student information systems, learning management programs, assessment programs, and the teacher’s grade-book into one unified space. The teacher only needs to enter student information once and it automatically populates to all the other sections. The various parts of the program “speaks” to the other parts so each gets the data it needs to fulfill its purpose.

The Unified Classroom solution has several advantages for the teacher. One of the most obvious is the teacher can focus more on teaching and less on data entry. Another is that the teacher can see more quickly and easily how students are doing, see their strengths and weaknesses and identify those who need more help. Students benefit from having only one login to remember to access all the lessons they need for class.

The Unified Classroom from PowerSchool is the only platform that can provide a single seamless classroom solution that benefits both teachers and students. A software program this revolutionary will allow teachers to focus on their primary job of teaching and let student focus more on learning.


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